Should You Trade with Banc de Binary?

While Banc de Binary’s platform is relatively new, forming in 2009, the owners are veterans in the financial industry. The program was created for the average investor, including those just starting out and those with some experience, into the binary trading market. The main experience of the owners are in foreign exchange markets and stock markets.

User-Friendly Platform for All

The platform is user-friendly and is highly rated by many traders. It is suitable for beginners and experts as they trade in various markets and make money. The menu involves drop down options with are all self-explanatory. The links are short, which mean users do not need to stare at the screens for too long or search endless pages of information for the page that they need.

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Trade Commodities, Stocks and Currencies

Banc de Binary offers the ability to trade in 55 different assets, including currencies, commodities and stocks. This offers something for everyone and helps to increase the chance of making money. While this can add to some risk, that risk is easily worked out like with all binary options platforms.

Only Trade in the Short Term

Banc de Binary has a major limitation in the trading times. The periods are designed for short term decisions, with 15 minutes being the shortest and 24 hours being the longest. For those who are serious investors and want longer term options, they will need to look elsewhere. However, the shorter terms are great for those who want to make money quickly and cut down on the risk.

Lower Fees for Using

There are no fees for making trades through the platform. However, users will need to pay a small fee for withdrawals. This is minimal and just helps the platform to keep offering the high quality service. There are different types of withdrawal methods available which incur different fees. Withdrawals include online transfers, PayPal and Money Bookers.

The good news is that this platform offers a return, even if you lose. If you pick the wrong option, you will gain 15% of your money back. If you win, you gain 71%!

Banc de Binary is popular for new and experience traders. The platform lowers the risk by offering a return even if you choose the wrong answer. However, there are some limitations, such as only having the short term investment option. Those looking for long term binary options trading will need to look elsewhere.

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