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OptionFair: Creativity in the Binary Trading

OptionFair is one of the most creative binary trading platforms in the industry. It is owned by Mika Holding Inc. which also owners 24Option. There are minimum deposits that must be met but these decrease the more that you use the site. There are two trading styles available that will suit different users.

Minimum Deposit Decreases

For first time users, there is a minimum deposit of $200. This does not need to be used on trades and users will be able to choose their own amounts but this must be placed into the account to make it active. The second time that you make a deposit, you will need to put in a minimum of $200 as well.

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This is a great way to continue using the site and rewards you. However, beginners may believe that $200 for their initial deposit is high. They may want to make small trades to get used to this form of trading, understand the risk and learn more about binary options. There is no free demo available to help understand more about binary options before making the deposit.

User-Friendly to Make Trades

The platform is 100% web-based and user-friendly. There are plus and minus buttons to decide whether you think your asset will go up or down. It makes it easier than trying to understand the call and put terminology. The site adds more detail to the trade as you keep making a decision, so once you have decided the commodity, you will choose the call or put option. You will then be invited to enter the amount that you want to trade and then the time that you set the trade for.

Different Options for Making Money

Binary trading is not the only way that you can make money on OptionFair. You will be able to trade through OneTouch, which gives you the option of deciding whether the trade will meet a set amount. It uses the up and down arrows again to decide whether it will meet that price or not during the time that you set.

Boundary is another option. You will be able to choose a set boundary and then decide whether the trade will end In or Out of that boundary.

At all times, you will only have two choices, which reduces the risk of losing out on money. OptionFair is innovative and creative and offers many benefits to experienced and beginner traders in binary options.

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